Not a statistic to boast about: Romania – first place in the European Union for the death toll in road accidents.

According to statistics published by the European Commission, Romania is positioned first in the EU in terms of the number of people killed in road accidents: 95 deaths per million inhabitants, compared to 51 – the European average (data for the year 2015). Such statistics are repeated year after year and many commentators point our country as being the most dangerous place in the Union for those involved in road traffic.

The same can be said of Bucharest – first among EU capitals in terms of serious accidents.

And, no, we can’t blame the weather, because 8 out of 10 accidents occur in dry road conditions, by day. The most common situations include accidents with pedestrians crossing the street, turning in prohibited places, not granting priority at intersections or when changing lanes/direction, or speeding. So it’s all about inattention, ignorance and reckless risk-taking. Two thirds of the fatal accidents are the soul responsibility of drivers.

Below are some numbers published by the Romanian Traffic Police, regarding 2015.


total accidents




serious accidents




Sure you know this firsthand, but, yes, statistic says we did bad regarding traffic congestion, too.

The lack of traffic management and the lack of respect for traffic rules, along with the increasing number of cars and drivers, compete to constantly hinder the traffic. We find this in any city (sometimes even on national roads), but especially in Bucharest: the capital managed to classify 6th place worldwide and first in the EU in terms of level of congestion: 41% (according to TomTom Traffic Index for 2015).

The fact that one in five road accidents occur in the capital or in the adjacent area (Ilfov) is a consequence of heavy, difficult and stressful traffic, but also comes as a result of excessive nervousness and aggressiveness manifested by drivers. Another important reason is the contempt many of us manifest towards traffic laws and towards common sense on public roads. Unfortunately, we see this every day.


We are disturbed by the unnecessary risks that we are exposed to on the road, by those who disregard safety, respect and rules. Heavy, chaotic and dangerous traffic bothers us and negatively impacts our lives. That is why we decided not to tolerate recklessness, arrogance and ignorance of those who, by their actions, endanger us and our families and all other traffic participants, while affecting our time and budget.
We build a solution through which, together, we can increase discipline and reduce risks on the roads, while improving traffic by reducing disturbing factors and enhancing flow management.

We can improve safety on our roads, we can reduce stress and costs. Together.

Traffic Alert

Traffic Alert promotes and develops solutions for collecting and analysing traffic, incident and driver behaviour data.

We use smartphones and other web connected devices to easily collect traffic data, report incidents and unruly, unsafe driving behaviour. We rely on complex software and a call centre to analyse and transmit relevant data to those able to:

• increase safety for all traffic participants (motorised, non-motorised and pedestrians)

• decrease life threatening risks and property damage risks on our roads

• respond to particular events and incidents

• improve traffic flow and management

• reduce costs for disciplined, correct drivers

• assist those needing legal and technical support in complex cases

By using technology and crowdsourcing we can all contribute to safer, better traffic.



We need your help to make a difference.


Be informed and spread the word about the risks we face every time we engage in unruly, chaotic and dangerous traffic… About the need to increase discipline on our roads in order to improve safety and traffic flow, to reduce risks, costs, stress and time spent in traffic jams and unwanted incidents. Use your group and social networks to discuss and send useful information to others. Be an opinion leader in your community. Tell others about the Traffic Alert project, about the Civic Alert initiatives and other similar ones, when you hear about it.


Be alert of your surroundings and take action whenever you can. Drive safely following the rules and respect your fellow commuters, making sure you do not ad to traffic problems and endanger your family or others by engaging in risky, reckless behaviour (like excessive speeding, texting while driving or obstructing visibility around crossroads or street crossings). When you notice something wrong on a public domain and you think things can be improved, report the facts to the authorities, in person or via the Civic Alert app (for iPhone and Android).


Civic Alert is a nonprofit organization, financed through contributions, donations and sponsorships. We are not affiliated with any political party nor public institutions and we cannot operate unless we find constant financial support, thus any contribution is important. Your help matters!


Traffic Alert is still under development, but you can contact us and register to take part of our initial beta-testing. You will have early access to our smartphone app and reporting system, being able to test it and provide important feedback for future software, hardware and procedure optimisation.

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